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Aeon | Gathering Ground, video stillshot

Space Choreography

Collaborations with Moritz Majce
Since 2015 Adam (aka Sandra) Man and Moritz Majce have been developing Space Choreographies. In major works such as Festung / Europa (Sophiensaele Berlin, 2015), Narkosis (imagetanz, 2017) Chora (Open Spaces Festival Berlin, 2019) and the outdoor Aeon trilogy (Tanznacht Berlin 2020-22) a space with its own language, its own mode of movement, its own topography and its own temporality has been created in live environments of performance, videos, spoken words and objects. In each work, new elements emerge, and from their interrelationships a constantly changing landscape is formed, into which visitors come as if to an alien planet.

Similar to the naming of Mars, Venus, Saturn, Sandra and Moritz give their works ancient mythological names with Narkosis, Chora and Aeon. Like the planets in the solar system, each of their Space Choreographies has its own characteristics. Yet they all revolve around the same gravitational center: creating a new experience of space.

They share the love of myth, the fascination for the spatiality of time, the fundamental mobility of all bodies and, above all, the view from far outside, which makes what is most intrinsic unknown. In their Space Choreographies they follow a feeling for the earth as a celestial body and trust in the epic of the long duration, the wide references, the cycle of the archaic and the futuristic.

Writings on Space Choreography: