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Space Poem
Telos shows the dancer Assi Pakkanen in the techno-natural environment of a high alpine hydroelectric power plant. The video was shot at 2500m, at the foot of a melting glacier. The soundtrack is by composer and cellist Judith Hamann. Telos premiered as part of the space choreography In Return in February 2022 at the Open Spaces Festival at Tanzfabrik in Berlin.

In eight scenes, »Telos« - the title is the ancient Greek word for goal and purpose - shows a myth from beginning to its end:  human being in their relation to nature.
Fragility and playful lightness, brutalist architecture and massive mountain landscape meet, touch each other, move with each other. With strong symbolic images and the unpretentious, natural movement of the dancer, the video creates an existential mood of being at the same time exposed to and embedded in our environment.

Concept, Video: Adam (aka Sandra) Man
Choreography and Performance: Assi Pakkanen
Artistic Collaboration: Moritz Majce
Sound: Adam (aka Sandra) Man, based on tracks by Judith Hamann and NASA recordings.

A Production by Adam (aka Sandra) Man.
Co-produced by Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.